“Açık Mimarlık ve Yurtsuzluk”

IMG_1265Yesterday, I have had a chance to attend Esra Akcan‘s presentation on “Açık Mimarlık ve Yurtsuzluk” at my University.

I am only at the start of my architectural education and of course, I can not see myself enough qualify to have a grasp of that presentation totally. So, I may not be able to explain all points Esra Akcan mentioned but, generally it was about connection of today’s current issues and architecture with some titles. The presentation was focused on urbanization, how Kreuzberg (a place of Berlin, Germany) turned a modern area from a shantytown, how and which architects from all over the world contribute that innovation as “Açık Mimarlık” and how was the adaptation period to a new life for Turkish people who go there as employee, what kind of difficulties people came up against on a different country as “Yurtsuzluk”

It was an amazing presentation. It is so nice to learn new things. Again, I realised that how much I am happy to be in that much alive and current architectural environment.