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an Event: Ankara’nın Hayali (Dream of Ankara)

I attended an event which was organized at my school: TED University. The panel’s theme is “Ankara’nın Hayali: Modernin İzlerini Süren Bir Başkent Olmak“. It means Ankara (capital city of Turkey) dreams that its modern occurrence neither destroy nor transform into irrevelant projects.

­The changes on architecture, from 20th century to 21st century, in Ankara city and also in some other cities by referring to Ankara, were discussed. Ali Cengizkan approached about while some other cities around the world keep their modern architecture structures since the construction time, Ankara city started to destroy its modern architecture structures under the name of urban transformation. In that point, it was discussed that the settlements could not be distributed around the city so that the modern constructions in the center of the city were demolished. Murat Tabanlıoğlu talked that instead of destroying the 20th century modern architecture constructions,  the structures should be used for proper purposes. In this regard, an example from Hakkı Ergök corresponded to what Murat Tabanlıoğlu mentions:  transformation of a theatre hall into a town hall (fact). Hakkı Ergök as being a person who lives and studies in Ankara, said that he feel bad about what happened and what is happening to Ankara by referring to his own experiences in the city. Also, the speakers talked about how is today’s Ankara’s status in relation to modernity, what are the expectations  of population of Ankara from the city, how they would like to see Ankara and what they imagine for the future of the city. Additionally, they mentioned whether Ankara’s current architecture satisfy them or not. Great speeches were given. I had a great time and enjoyed. 🙂


“Açık Mimarlık ve Yurtsuzluk”

IMG_1265Yesterday, I have had a chance to attend Esra Akcan‘s presentation on “Açık Mimarlık ve Yurtsuzluk” at my University.

I am only at the start of my architectural education and of course, I can not see myself enough qualify to have a grasp of that presentation totally. So, I may not be able to explain all points Esra Akcan mentioned but, generally it was about connection of today’s current issues and architecture with some titles. The presentation was focused on urbanization, how Kreuzberg (a place of Berlin, Germany) turned a modern area from a shantytown, how and which architects from all over the world contribute that innovation as “Açık Mimarlık” and how was the adaptation period to a new life for Turkish people who go there as employee, what kind of difficulties people came up against on a different country as “Yurtsuzluk”

It was an amazing presentation. It is so nice to learn new things. Again, I realised that how much I am happy to be in that much alive and current architectural environment.