In architecture the inspirations, quotations, references can be taken from the history of architecture, from the architectural works which were produced in past. Taking something as a reference, there can be used a few methods such as taking the thing directly as a quotation, reinterpretating, to adapt, to variate by giving references. Today, by using our case studies as source of quotation, we were assigned with a quick study; to make an architectural quotation. It is not must be the quoted thing to be physical thing, part of design or architectural elements, the ideas also can be taken as quote, but the thing that is going to be quote is supposed to be a something specifically belong to that case. A feature of the house or architect that makes it popular with, directly known with.

ipera25 quote

what I quoted from Ipera 25: the wooden shell façade

For example, in Ipera 25 House designed by Ahmet Alataş, there is wooden shell façade that makes this building specific with this, it is like this facade is strongly belong to Ipera 25.

“The fractures and surface variations on the facade – wider than the architectural structures in the area – not only emerge as a contemporary interpretation of the bay windows of the surrounding buildings, but also allow the facade to be perceived in a more fragmented and ergonomic manner,” architect Ahmet Alataş told Dezeen.

“The wooden elements allow a view of the street and create a bay window effect that establishes a link between home life and life on the street,” said Alataş.

Reference Reference


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