Revised 3D Diagram

I have changed my mind a little bit, revised my ideas and produced a new model! In this post, I will explain what I have observed from my case studies (even if I did before a little bit) so that I came up with a revised 3D Diagram.

I reinterpreted the reading the material phrase, after I reconsider my case studies I come up with an idea that in five of my case studies (Villa Curutchet, Endless House, Balancing Barn, House II, House for the Poem of the Right Angle) there is dominant use of a single material (also in same color, texture) in their all façades. On the other hand, there is a different one: Ipera 25 which is constructed around two blind walls made of fine concrete on two sides and wooden shell that cover the other two sides of the building. Therefore, it is like; the concrete surfaces make enhance the existence of wooden façades or vise versa. Instead of the dominancy of all façades, this contrast on façades makes us apprehend the materials easily, I thought. I interpreted the situation in Ipera 25 like the wooden material is used to be observed besides its functional side. If every façade is designed as wooden surface may be the existence of the wooden façade stand out, and make us observe it.

As the light condition is processed in various ways in each building, it was processed again in various ways in my case studies too. I have already mention how I interpreted the narrow exlosion phrase before. Explosion word remind me the light to explode in a space & narrow word sounds like being limited in a space. So, the light to be ample, lack of light or the light to be filtered conditions occured in my mind with the help of case studies. Therefore, this time, I have focused on my two case studies which process the light condition extremely. For example, Endless House has a shape that allow ample light to reach every corner of the room without being broken up by corners and interior walls of a conventional building. Unlike Endless House, there is House for the Poem of the Right Angle which has a vast contrast in light levels throughout the house with some areas seemingly devoid of windows. On the other hand there are two of my case studies: Villa Curutchet and Ipera 25. These houses has elements which filters the light and works as an element that controls the sunlight in their façades. In Villa Curutchet the main façade incorporates a brise-soleil &  in Ipera 25 “the whole gigantic wooden façade is partly perceived as blind, while functioning as a brise-soleil as it consists of horizontal slats”.


diagrams on paper

By considering all these interpretations, I tried to reflect them in diagrams. In narrow explosion part, the light may can be limited by some elements (1) or it can directly reach everywhere in space abundantly without being broken up or diminished (2).

Reading the material phrase worked as I mentioned above. Either there is dominancy of the materials on the façades or there is distinction of one surface from the others due to its material.

The cardboard masses & their thickness refer how much sun light can diffuse in a space. More the thickness of black planes increase, then less the light gets in. Unlike the predominance of the direction of the cardboard which reflect the light idea, the situation of that another mass to break this dominance and change its direction (rotation from horizontal positioning to vertical one) make the black plane between them distinct (I highlighted the above photo in red) because only that plane cause the direction to change. So, we can be able to observe that material, which lead to change of direction, easily.

I hope the explanation is clear.



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