producing a collage in the light of the case studies and phrases

I produced a digital collage based on list of case studies & phrases below. We were supposed to research the cases and use, relate them with the phrases as a source, as a guide.

Le Corbusier, Villa Curutchet / Argentina, 1949
Frederick Kiesler, Endless House / Unbuild, 1950
MVRDV, Balancing Barn / Suffolk, United Kingdom, 2010
Shigeru Ban, Wall-less House / Japan, 1997
Serhat Akbay, Bağevi, İzmir, 2000
Peter Eisenman, House II, 1968
Ahmet Alataş, ipera 25, İstanbul, 2011
Christian Kerez, House with a Missing Column / Zürich, 2014
Smiljan Radic, House for the Poem of the Right Angle / Chile, 2005

Additionally, I have two initiator phrases as a orienting concept. They are not structural principles or ideas related with the case studies. They are more abstract terms and it is up to us to interpret these flexible statements. We need to take them as open ended themes because these phrases relate to almost anything since we do not take them with their literally meaning. So, here in order to find or build some relations, we need to know the case studies very well.

phrases: reading the material & narrow explosion


first collage

This was the first trial. As a beginner, I could not think how to use and relate these inputs properly. That’s why it does look like a sci-fi based collage.

I interpreted the phrase reading the material as to be able to observe the relationship between the materials of a building (the collage also has the meaning the hands let the materials & their relations to read, observe). For example, leftmost material is steel and on the right side of the steel, there is concrete. The relation, that I have observed, between these two material is taken from House with a Missing Column & the red strips between the materials represents the strenght of this relation compared to the relationship between the materials of buildings in other case studies. More strong the relationships are, less the width of red strip. By mentioning the strength of the relation, I mean are these two are constantly used with each other or not. So, the strong relations between the materials cause to explosion. It was an extreme interpretation, after we have discussed a bit in the studio, I have realized that my collage is not acceptable. Really!

By the way, I know that while trying to cope with the phrases I have produced the collage without using the case studies.


revised collage

After the discussions in the studio, I have began to think in another way which is more correlate with the case studies. This time, it came to my mind that I can refer the light condition in the houses to the phrase narrow explosion. Explosion is like the light to be ample in a space as in Endless House. In Endless House, “Kiesler’s architectural drawings, models, and photographs depicted a space allowing light to reach every corner of the room withous being broken up by corners and interior walls.”.However, we can observe how the light is limited in House for the Poem of the Right Angle. Here, the narrow explosion means the light to be limited in a space so that we will be able to read whether the material of building let the ample light to reach everywhere or filter the light. This contrast lead me to compose my collage. While in the example of House for the Poem of the Right Angle (left side of the collage) the condition of windowless (lack of material) make the light to be limited in a space, in the example of Wall-less House (right side of the collage) we can observe how this wall-less condition works (the condition of the material to be less make us to observe the amplitude of the light in the space). By thinking that the collage does not require well reasoned relationships, I hope it is clear how I combined these all inputs in a single collage.


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