Architectural Survey

Architectural Survey is the action of drawing and measuring a building to analyze its characteristics. It is the system of knowledge and activities aimed to draw the structure and the shape of a building, in both plane and three-dimensional form.

We have got a brief informing about measurement system and how to use AutoCad, right after, we assigned to produce the drawing set of the given area of our University. In this way, we had a chance to practice the techniques of architectural survey. After making the necessary measurements in group & we produced the final drawings accordingly in AutoCad.

We have produced 1 plan, 2 elevation and 2 section drawings as a group. Let’s see how did we get the measurements & how did we produce the drawings. Beside measuring the lengths, in order to determine the exact location of each element, side, edge, corner etc. in the area, we supposed a few corners of a few lines in the area as fixed. So, we took measurements from the corners of this identified lines towards the elements which we want to  identify their locations. This method of measurement is very useful.

As another method we used a plastic tube for measuring the level differences of two points. After the tube is filled with water, we marked those zero points and started to take measurements according to them. This method enabled us to take our measurement more accurate because we did not know whether the ground is flat or not.

Producing an accurate drawing was possible thanks to the circles you see in the drawing. As I mentioned above, the measurement we took from the fixed corners to the corners that we look for their location became the diameter of the circles & the fixed corner became the center of the circle. After repeating this process from another corner, we could find the location we look for at the intersection of these two circles. It was easy to do but hard to describe. By the way,  it would be better to use arches instead of circles to prevent the mess in the drawings.

Here is the end product! (This was my first use of AutoCad!)

Reference , Reference


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