The relationship between design and research.

“What do architects understand research to be? How do architects use research? When and how do architects undertake research in their practices? What research knowledge do practising architects need? How does research bring value to architects’ practices and their clients? How do architects connect with research from academic and other research organisations?”


When it is necessary to create solutions to design problems, research become the part of design. These two works together, gets involved.

In order to get inspired and obtain useful information, we can analyze the case studies; search for the works of architects, engineers, other artists; use references, quotations, anotations, translations, adaptations; read magazines, websites. We can do research in various areas.Since everything refer to each other, the influences we have obtained from these research can help us to solve the design problem. Plus, how we interpret the things we learn, guide us on how to progress.

I highly recommend you to go through the guide: how architects use research. There are some given case studies which practically shows how to design better for different clients.



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