What if, Peter Eisenman designed the Gropius House?

As you can guess from the title, this is a kind of study that we speculate on what if, Peter Eisenman designed the Gropius House?

It is not expected the end product is to be a completely new house. I mean the purpose is not to design a thing. The purpose is keeping the characteristic features of the Gropius House or may be the reflections of the characteristic style of Walter Gropius in the house, later on, bringing some details of Peter Eisenman’s design style so that in the end, the result house will still be Gropius House.

The crucial feature of Peter Eisenman houses: the grid style plan. The plan of Gropius House is close to being a grid style plan with its  reference lines, so with a small touches it can be turned into a grid style plan easily. This would be the touch of Peter Eisenman, I think. Also, I think that the façade of Gropius House is so smooth that Peter Eisenman would fragment the planes and it would be like composition of rectangular elements, lines, planes. Furthermore, I think the stairs would not be stay in spiral form & outside the house because I have observed that Peter Eisenmann does not doing such things, instead I located the staircase interior and created it with mass.



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