the end of the third semester

Since the last stage, I did not make a big change on the project. It still has the same narrative with some small new touches.

A crucial point I did not mention in detail before: the diversity of experience. The two ‘arms’ of the design have diverse experiences, they are not identical.

  • One of them has more alternatives in terms of the introduced options for visitors to choose.
  • One is more enclosed compared to the other one, so it makes visitors to experience both the closeness and openness.
  • Thanks to the curvilinear forms I used, visitors hava chance to experience the spaces which has different heights and the transitions among them.
  • Unlike the curvilinear form of the whole design, the slab with its angular forms makes visitors to walk in different textured surface.
  • In connection with the previous item, by the help of the use of different textured concrete in construction and the of course curvilinear forms, visitors will experience the upside (ceiling) to become down (slab). There is a drawing about it below.
  • The variety of slope of the ramps cause visitors to change their speed so this creates diversity in experience.

Drawings I have produced for the final presentation of my project:

site plan & site section (larger image)

plan: it indicates that the visual continuity (grafting) is not interrupted by any vertical element. (larger image)

sections (larger image)

sections (larger image)

axonometric drawing which expresses the texture difference (larger image)

east elevation (larger image)

north elevation (larger image)


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