So far…

I am reporting that I have abandoned the design I worked on so far!

I am only half-joking about this, but there are significant changes. Let’s look at the new ideas, how is the current state of design, and how was the second pre-jury.

As I get the last criticism before the jury, I was thinking about why I insist on working this project with rectangular forms. This doubts made me think that the project really needed to have curvilinear forms as it had on the climax of the design. You can review the previous step from here to clarify the idea.

Narration of up-to-date Project: In such a homogeneous place like Tuz Gölü, I have observed that visitors look for variation and changes. By considering this, I wanted to design something dynamic and something unexpected, which visitors do not expect to see on the lake. At this place, I used a form which acts like various architectural elements, which is able to carry itself, and which becomes a structure itself.

I grafted the condition visual continuity -there is situation we see further spaces from the beginning- among spaces from Göreme. The curvilinear forms were positioned to provide this visual continuity. So, the form and the what is grafted from Göreme could work together.

I wanted visitors to approach the design from the extension parts of design, because there are diversified experiences and given clues with curves about what will come out further. Thanks to this situation, when visitors arrive the climax, where the form be upside down, they will remember the clues I gave before.

About the tectonic of my design, in order to create such a twisted forms, the concrete will be a great choice. Also, the use of different textures of concrete, for instance making one surface of concrete polished and other one is mat, diversifies the visitors experience. Jury suggested that I can study this texture differention with concrete on a smaller scale by providing actual concrete or I can study it by using different kinds of molds.

Another thing Jury recommended me to try to have a better understanding of how such concrete surfaces structurally work. Design has curvilinear surfaces so the building system is not like a post-lintel system since they do not have vertical and horizontal structural elements. They all continuous structural elements but it has some parts that need to be stronger. Thickness change on concrete according to where the moment increase, provides both reinforce the structure and enrich the expression of this building.

The way I draw the things was found successful to a degree. However, in plan drawing, there is a wall which lead the continuity to interrupt. If I took a section from there, it could be seen if this wall is a problem or a  nice thing, Jury commented. Plus, the jury specified that they were expecting a site plan too because mine was not good enough.

As a general overview: Jury found the way I represent my project, in an orderly manner, well done, the language of the project is very impressive, and the composition is very rich. They told me that I am building a very strong structure which is not shy about anything so, it would be good if the heights increase a little.

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