One suggestion led me to begin to design this term’s project over again. Since I had this decision,  I have been searching about how to use this curvilinear forms deservedly. I found some structures inspiring me. One of them is: Longchamp store stairs by Thomas Heatherwick (below). There is a curvilinear form which acts like both a staircase and a ceiling to a space. It fits the ish condition we worked on previously this semester. Note: The ish term was expressing the multipurpose of elements.

The other one: Le Galilee office buildings (above)It gave me an idea that I can use an element both as a wall and a ceiling by curling it up. So, I can literally say I have changed my mind and the design. The new one is about to come.

If you are interesting, you can also check the site on below to see the twisted buildings around the world.



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