First Attempt

On my first attempt to attain what is suggested in pre-jury, I produced the design you see above. By keeping the twisted form, that is found strong, constant, I worked on two extension ‘arms’ of the form. This twisted form is the climax point, which offers visitors different experience, during their circulation in the design. While approaching the climax from these two ‘arms’ there is visual continuity but the physical dispersionby introducing more than one way. Also, I did not want visitors to access the climax directly, I wanted them to experience the ‘arms’ then arrive there. However, there is still something I think negative; the arms are the identical to each other somehow. That is to say that as the arms disperse further from the climax, I introduced some angled forms and the experience of walking in high, then, I brought visitors to the end which has rectangular form in both arms.


One thought on “First Attempt

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