On This Earth – PreJury

Throughout the semester, we will be working on a design intervention on Tuz Gölü to make it better land, enrich its experience in diverse and multiple ways by making the use of our studies on Göreme under the concept “grafting”.

In my project, I have inspirations from both Tuz Gölü and Göreme and the observations I have got from these places helped me to define a strategy and my designs as well.

 “Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” -Steve Jobs

Determining a design strategy that is capable of guiding our actions that aim enrichment, diversity and multiplicity, in relation to the present qualities, was crucial besides the design.


Diagrams which support my strategy.

I am going to explain my all ideas now: In Göreme, I have observed that the spaces is burried in caves as a general impression. It gave me idea about how to design. The area has inclined surfaces and this condition was making people to move a lot and at the same time, was creating changes in human bodily experience. So, it can be said that there is an essential change experience. After, I brought some spatial experiences which are associated with my strategy with the help of the catalog, to the lake from Göreme. In Tuz Gölü, I analyzed that there is radical change in both bodily and visual experience. While visitors walk towards lake from the road level, their view is blocked inside the facilities which are positioned nearby the lake and the view opens suddenly right after you exit the facilities. So, there is a change in visitors’ visual experience. In the same way, visitors’ bodily experience changes since they experience the lake’s huge flat horizontality then, they start to walk in a fairly inclined surface to arrive the road. Plus, the texture of surfaces, which visitors walk on their way to the lake, changes. As visitors walk, they have a chance to experience man-made, natural, hard and soft surfaces one by one. By considering all these, in order to enrich the experience in diverse and multiple ways, I specified a strategy. Strategy is ‘creating radical transitions: Emphasizing the radical change in human experience both visually and bodily’ since I analyzed that in such a homogenous place visitors look for variation, change. I achieved my strategy by interrupting the experience suddenly and introducing a different one right after in radical manner. I produced diagrams which explain these transition ideas. Some of them are my analysis from Göreme, some are the variations I proposed.

A large majority of people were heading towards the Josephine from the entrance (the particular part of the horizon line where the whiteness of both lake and sky integrated). So, based on this orientation, I wanted to increase visitors experience and introduce changes on their way to Josephine, that’s why I placed my designs around a determined axis. Actually, there will not be a strict axis to direct visitors, visitors will create their own path. Therefore, also, visitors can leave the structure whenever and wherever they want, there is no any certain entrance or exit point. There is dissolving. As another intervention, I modified the topography of lake a little bit. In some parts, I created little hills or holes to adapt the land to my strategy and make them work together. I designed them not a whole but separately like spread around the lake. The ones, which are close to entrance, for make visitors curious and motivate to go beyond. You can see them below.

About the spread settling of my designs, Jury recommended that I should not disperse these spaces on to the lake but instead make a totality, make a group of differentiated spaces to enrich my design. About why I choose to design them on to lake but not on hills or anywhere else; because to provide visitors to find definable things around to not lose their perception of time and to remove the sense of feeling small in such an empty huge land. Additionally, I made use of the –ish in some parts of my designs.



After I presented what I have observed and how I achieved my strategy, Jury found my analysis and what I have learned from Cappadocia very valuable. They told me that I wanted to bring a lot of things to the lake it can make too many sometimes and this turns to be a concern.

Jury related the design, which has twisted form, with the radical texture change concept that I mentioned on my diagrams. They commented, it would be better going with a form like twisted lemon peel, which has different textures inside and outside, instead of creating different dispersed designs on the lake because the form was very strong. However, what I thought while designing such a twisted form was different. My main purpose was to reach –ish condition by using an element as wall, ramp and ceiling.


There were a few problems about the scales, because the jury found designs small and told me it would be better if the scale was 1/200 instead of 1/100.


I am going to scan my drawings and upload new ones asap

*Black cardboards represent the lake level and short wooden sticks represent human figure.


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