The -ish



I have a multipurpose stair-ish element in my model.

  • It carries people from one place to another as the main function of staircase (access).
  • Underneath of the stair, a new space comes into existence and also it gives enclosure to that space but it does not block light to come inside.
  • People use steps to sit.
  • There is gaps between the steps of stair, it provides the transparency.
  • The shape of the repeating steps direct and orient people.
  • Some steps stretch in one direction to introduce another spaces.
  • On one side, the aligned finish of steps represent limit.


  • Orient and direct human body like a hallway.
  • Provide access + connect two spaces.

Vertical planar element like a column

  • Provides access by climbing.
  • Divides + limits spaces.
  • Blocks view.
  • Orients human because of it block the access.
  • Together with a horizontal plane, it creates sitting area (at the top). (Separately, this sitting area provides light.)

Elevated floor

  • Level differentiation creates sitting area.
  • The elevated floor turns to define another space.
  • The elevated floor becomes like a focus point, so, it orients human.


  • Transparency.
  • Provides view + light
  • Decrease enclosure level.



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