What have I observed about Tuz Gölü?


The horizon line and the further mountains was like boundaries we saw. In the morning, firstly we began to walking towards the horizon line because it was an attractive view and was like focus point. We saw the horizon line and we thought that there was the lake (not dry) over there and we added the lake to our ‘must be reached’ list. So, we began to walking to the boundary we determined in our minds.  Horizon line was not a tangible boundary but the mountains and the lake were. Eventually, we could not reach any of them even, we could not go too far from the beginning. I think it was because of the distance. They were far far away. We decided to stop and turn back, when we realized that we can not reach anywhere, we were tired and we were not comfortable with the sun (sun were coming to our faces directly). Time, while we were walking toward the horizon line was more longer than return because on our way to the horizon line, liquid part of the lake and the mountains, we had a chance to experience things but our way back was faster and took short time because there was not anything new to experience and we knew where to go. About the perception of time: We had references on cost line, as long as we continued to walk and the distance increased we lost these references. Since the number of definable things decreased, we lost our perception of time.

There were certain texture differentiations in terms of their colors, materials and rigidity. Some of them were man made floors, some of them were vegetations. The grounds where we got off the bus and the inside of the concrete building have man made, hard, concrete grounds. The sides of the lake has vegetations and the inclined area’s (the zone where the buildings located is inclined) ground was soil. Additionally, we saw people were walking in the lake bare foot. Feeling, touching the salt ground was a part of their experiences. In the first parts, the salt ground was hard but further on we experienced that the ground was a little softer.

In the day, the only light source was sun. It was making the salt on the ground shine and it was the only heat source. In the night, there was the light of the moon, spotlights which are located nearby the lake in order to brighten the lake and the lights of the settlements farther (they were not brightening the lake but they were noticeable lights in the darkness).

The lake and its environment is a huge horizontal surface and in such a big empty place that the existent conditions such as wind and the sun much more effective that the normal. Wind comes from the northeast direction and if it comes from behind, it increases your speed, that is to say, weather conditions affected our orientation. We were there like at 10 a.m. and at that time walking towards the horizon line, while the sun was coming to our eyes and the wind was blowing behind us, was not easy. Probably, in cold days, the sun condition would be good if you are aiming to walk towards the horizon line. Plus, because of some negative conditions such as the less rainfall the lake has dried. It is not in its former capacity and it has splitted into two. There is a small stable lake in east.


In time, while we were walking towards lake from the bus, our physical and visual experiences changed. In the bus, we had speed and we were able to experience both the lake and the environment from a wide angle because our position was high. As long as we kept walking into the building which is located nearby the lake, inside these concrete buildings our visual experience was blocked, there was enclosure and we could not experience the lake for a while. After we passed through it, then we saw everything. These transitions from bus to the building and from building to the lake was in radical manner and this transition directed us.

By the way, looking towards the horizon line (south), and the buildings (east) from the same point were not same.

The amount of sky we perceived on the lake was more than we had in the city. In the day, we were able to see the visual relations between natural elements thanks to wide geographic condition of lake. What we saw when we looked at the South was impressive. The horizon line, where the sky and the ground unites, attracted us. In the evening, the sunset view was center of attraction. In the night, there was fullmoon in east, plus the settlements in west with their lights were remarkable.


There were noises of vehicles comes from the road, the noise was much in the parts of lake which close to the road and as we continued to walk to the middle of the lake, the noise turned into humming. Thanks to the wind carries the sound, hearing the someone who is talking to you by taking the wind her/his back was much more easy. Of course, hearing the speeches were directly related with the distance between the speakers.

There is a kind of alg living under the lake and it is painting the lake pink and also the lake is a place where the birds stop over in sometimes.


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