Variation Studies

We were assigned to detach what we have gained through the previous study from the context of the Erimtan case and to build up a library of possible universal variations of the previous study  by defining constants and variables through human experiences.

Suggestions were that if we introduce two variables at the same time it will probably be hard to keep outcomes under control. So, the thing is to keep many things constant and change one of the important notion. I am not sure how successful we were in producing variations but let’s take a look at them.


When we began to study on how horizontal surfaces can shape and orient human bodily experiences, we decided to work on the entrance floor of Erimtan Museum and its gap which creates relation between it and middle floor. In our first model, we tried to show that what if the gap is closed? how directionality and duration changes? Together with the close of gap, the directionality condition of entrance floor gets lost, the shape of surface does not direct people anymore and people can move toward any direction. We thought that this situation lets people to experience around more and in order to show that we used the heights of planes. There are four group of rectangles on the model. While each group rectangles  have same height, there is differentiation of heights among groups. This alteration represents that they are in different levels but the height relations among them independent from reality. In the model, the one with long height shows that human experience is a lot there. As being valid for each group, the frequency excess of repeating rectangles (Groups have same amount of space in model. In order to show frequency differentiates in same amount spaces, we changed the number of planes.) symbolise that the duration is long there.


On the other model, the variation introduced independently from Erimtan Museum. It is something that we created. (We know what variation means and it is not a variation of Erimtan, it is absolutely different from Erimtan.)

We did not ask the question ‘what if’ but we assumed that we are examining the horizontal surfaces in terms of several variables and we tried to represent that how different variables work together and show the qualities of spaces. The horizontal elements which wrap the repeating vertical ones represent surfaces as their height differentiations show that they are not in same level. So, there is level differentiaton. The distance between repeating vertical elements represents duration. If the distance does not same then the space has change of duration in itself.  The space which does have less vertical elements under, it means there is no duration (we could use vertical elements again but distance between them could be more to show duration is less there).Alteration on the heights of the vertical elements are shows that there is directionality on that surface. Overlap of spaces shows that these two spaces include each other somehow (like happened between entrance floor and middle floor in Erimtan Museum).

Our aim was to show some variables at the same time but we could not be able to control everything. We learned a lot after this assignment. While experimenting with all possible “what if”s, we should consider about size of elements, why is this element in this height, is there a unique element and what is the thing that makes it special, why the scale of this element different while others are same, what would happen if the variable was constant and constant was variable, what elements symbolise when they come together, if there is a new formation and what does it mean. We need to answer all these questions while doing and after did model.


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