S + F

S+F, also known as SEED & FIELD injection.

The spatial organization strategy I used while I creating my spaces is creating a continuous flow between spaces by shifting some elements of my seed or leaving some openings both inside of the spaces and the between spaces. Those gaps which has repeating scales are in the position of directing one space to another spaces. At the same time, the spaces are opening to those gaps so, it supports the continuity condition.

I do not have separator elements or boundaries inside of the seed but I have strong limiter elements on the ends of the diagonal positioning. They corroborate the idea of they hold the seed from two edges and represent the diagonal spread of the seed. I also have spaces inside of them.

Untitled-1How I injected my seed into the field? I specified the parts which my field layers most interact with each other and then, I started to place my seed. First, the injected area was about to turn L shaped zone but I thought that it would be more dominant and strong decision to locate my seed in a diagonal way (still have clues of that L shaped zone). So, it is planned that the seed is going to grow between those huge holder edges.
Additionally, in order to prevent a monotonous or boring growth of seed, I decided to divide my seed into two but thanks to repeating similar rectangles, the diagonal positioning still can be understood clearly.

How the field react to seed? When the seed touch the field, the field has some radical decisions and strong extremities. On the parts which the seed does not exist, the field layers are merging and staying stable.

It was another decision to eliminate some field parts. That decision made much more stronger the diagonal positioning while ‘the huge edges’ hold the side field parts stable.

Some details:


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