Home-for-All in Tsukihama, by SANAA is given construction to our group as Midterm project for our Architectural Communication Techniques course.

Photo ref.

We proposed a place to rest and work that can be used for various activities. A resting place that is open to the sea and that can accommodate a place to work for several people. – SANAA

We were tasked with making the abstract model and the drawings of the costruction.

All models by the nature of its existeance, should display a degree of abstraction. The decisions we made about the size, scale, material are effect the abstraction level and show the purpose of us on design phase. Also, used materials should be related with; intended purpose of the model, the speed of production, the stage of design process etc.

At the first trial, we focused on the roof part of the construction because the roof was the most dominant part which has radical changes. By the use of bambu stick, we tried to give the wavy pattern of the roof.

We were allowed to use only maximum two different material, so, based on the original contruct we used the wood for the mass and roof, for the rest transparent part of the model the plexi-glass is used.

In order to make drawings, we found an architectural magazine ( El Croquis,2015,No.179/180:92-99 )  which shares an article and the drawings inside it about Home for All in Tsukihama by Sanaa.

We obtained those drawings from a website.

Here is the elevation, plan, section, and axonometric section drawings of Home-for-All construction in Tsuki Hama, Miyatojima by SANAA.





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