My field has two cores, one is on the upper layer and the other one is on the bottom layer. Field cores were defined according to density condition. More dens parts are going down for upper layer and more dens parts are vice versa going upward for bottom layer. My seed was located between the cores because there was already the relation and connection between layers and I wanted to use it. On my seed I worked the continuity condition and spaces flow into each other. There is no certain boundaries or interruptions between spaces. In order to provide that I left some openings, cutted some parts or shifted some planes of seed. Field was took form to make wall defined spaces beside the information it carries. Also, I changed some pieces of seed and eliminated some pieces from the field to reach a complete and complex model.


I have got certain critics about my model. Jury mentioned that my seed defines good spaces but I have some troubles about my field. They said that my field are not support the seed, it has unnecessary strips and some useless shapes. Additionally, at some parts it would be nice if I used seed elements instead of field.


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