Brand new theme: FIELD

We got to work on a brand new theme: FIELD and it came along the subtitle: Info Mapping.

This time, the style of doing homework was different. We visited Ulus and Sakarya areas to document what we observed and introduce keywords according to our experiences on the areas. Later, we analyzed how the keyword changes in terms of zones and we defined those zones with rectangles, tried to map differentiations on areas.

I documented the shade&shadow condition with scale on one map for Ulus area. The one thing I interested in Ulus was the sudden changes between the narrow and wide zones. Especially, in a sunny day while one street is fully shadow, the right next wide street was almost shadowless. It was both because of the narrowless of the street and the scale of surrounding buildings (they were low). So, I choose it as one of my keywords for Ulus. With the decreasing of darkness, the shadow condition is decreasing.

Other keyword for Ulus area: Movement! Because, If you visited that defined Ulus area, you will see there have some too crowded shopping streets and again crowded mosques and the quiet castle and other places. There is always an action and movement in some places but also there is quiet places too. So, I thought that it might be a good choice to chose movement as a keyword for Ulus area. The more crowded zones are defined with darker rectangles while the quiet ones are defined with light rectangles and that opacity condition changes according to the changes in zones.

You see the maps I produced for Sakarya area above. My keywords for Sakarya area are: Sound and Directionality of Movement.

I choose the Sound keyword because there are several apart formations which have various sound levels inside. Schools, subways, parks, wedding hall, streets, hospitals, mosques… They all have different volumes inside so, I observed them in that way and the ones which have high volume are represented with darker rectangles in the map.

About the directionality of movement keyword: The defined zone has a lot of streets, main roads and the because of a lot of people use that roads hundreds time there is continuous and usual flow on that roads.

While overlapping them I played their opacity in order to give equal information of both maps.


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