Diagram Work

Studio were divided into groups of 4 to chose a movie and work on it together. Each group member has chose a scene and anaylized that scene in terms of its spatial experiences. Later, we tried to make a diagram with the keywords which reflect the experiences of that chosen space.

The scene I chose from the movie “A Clockwork Orange”

My keywords: Expansion, Openness, Closeness, Transition Part.

diagram2The vertical dashed line on the middle represents transition part between left and right parts.

The both left and right parts are in an expanding manner but the difference between them is their lines’ horizontality, verticality and density.While that horizontality on the left part represents a different expansion, the verticality on the right side represents a different expansion. I mean, the expansion types of them is not same.

The horizontal, frequent and dense lines on the left expresses the closeness.

On the right, the lines’ dense is decreasing with the expansion. It shows openness and the openness is increasing progressively.




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