Where and How to Use Which Font Type?


From left, Archigram 3, London, 1963, Archigram 4, London, 1964, and Bau No. 1, Vienna, 1964.

I shared some ancient Architectural publications above and you can perceive how they are designed according to the context of those publications. At those days, what kind of font type was used, what kind of font type was popular? How those letters or words positioned? How was their proportions or sizes? Thickness and thinness can be used properly and so the words can be quickly and easily recognisable. Those are all changeable qualities and they can bring aesthetic appearence. Also, it is important to choose formal or professional or legible font types according to the context.

fffffThere are font types which has Serif or not. Generally, the font types which has Serif are found easy to read but at the same time, font types without Serif are found modern. There are also kinds of font types which are look like hand writing. Actually, there are many varieties.

It is a sample ofpublished Bauhaus Magazine in 1968 on the left. The geometrical forms of the letters are referring to the context of the magazine. We can associate the geometrical shapes to the letters’ circular or angular forms.




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