Jury Project

How did my first Jury go? Previously, I mentioned what I thought about it a little.

Also, you can check on my third model on this page in order to see where that project’s idea actually comes up. Now, it is time to explain what I did at this stage with the new defined operation tear+fold.

I was thinking on  what kind of strategy I can use on that project, while I was looking at the model which I am going to start from its specific stage. (I gave the link above.) I started out to apply something like reference lines because there was a certain horizontal and vertical lines at that previous model.

So, my strategy is developed in that way:

  • Making a reference line which looks like plus sign in order to keep the model in control but it is not supposed to be seen clearly that’s why they have some interruptions on them.
  • Putting my elements and units around that reference lines like branching.
  • Creating complex, rich variety, controlled relations!

My whole previous process contains a lot of variations and I used the same method in this stage. I produced, teared+folded my planes on the way, according to the my model’s needs.

Further, I searched for varied tear+fold types, I did a lot trials. While I was applying tear+fold operations I focused on creating different and various scales. In that way, I think I attained the complexity which is I search for.

By using the potential of tear+fold operation I used different type of relations, I intersected some planes. Also, I tried to put every plane consciously and find a supporter friend for each plane. My main aim was producing a whole model, I did not want any plane to be alone.

Good news, finally I moved away the idea of making every plane, unit aligned and I could explore the potential!


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