Drawing Midterm: Barcelona Pavilion

Here comes the news from a pretty challenging midterm exam of our Architectural Communication Techniques lecture.

We have had 4 hours to draw 3 Orthographic and an Axonometric Projection of Barcelona Pavilion. 

Time was restricted and already, drawing assignments take my a lot time. However, I could draw all 3 Orthographic Projection even I could not emphasize the parts which are placed on the front and I draw some parts without carrying references.

As my many classmates, I could not able to draw the Axonometric Projection of the structure but still, at an another lecture, we completed the Axonometric Projection to our trace papers over the given plan of Barcelona Pavilion. Yay! Eventually the only sad thing was, while hurrying up, I have drawn the walls like.. colums :(.

References: The first three photos were taken from Google Earth. Orthographic Projection , Axonometric Projection


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