“The more you look for inspiration: the less you make.”

I was making some research and reading things related design randomly on this lazy sunday day and I came across with that amazing post by David Mikula. He shares his ideas on creativity and inspiration under the topic “Creative process”. I would like you to read too. 🙂

“You surf. You tumbl. You pin. You FFFFound. You “curate” popular, proven work. You find hundreds of niche, beautiful examples of success. Dozens of formulas that look like they can be applied to your project. When you’re learning to think for yourself, this is fantastic. But when you’re producing creative work, it’s not. That is not the creative process.

The more you look for inspiration: the less you make. When you put that much energy into watching other people make: you begin to think it’s impossible to do great work of your own.


You have to dive in. You have to make yourself uncomfortable. 

Where do you start? Start by sharing your point of view. Talk to your friends, your team. Whomever. The moment your idea is in the world, it’s going to get pushed around a lot. If it continues to make sense, then you have an opportunity. And you made it—you made your own opportunity.

Enjoy the process of getting lost. You’re learning. You’re exploring. You’re asking questions and collaborating with people that have different points of view. It doesn’t matter how little your team knows, you’ll make it work. You’ll always come out on the other side knowing how to make it better. It might not be the best, but it’s real.I am tired of

Be humble, ask questions. It’s okay to not know. You’re doing something for the first time and that means something. It’s a step away from the crowd—you’re getting closer to becoming an inspiration, rather than a spectator. The best parts of the creative process are the moments when you can feel rather than think. When your team’s ideas feel so natural and obvious. When creativity comes from intuition.”

You can reach the full text from here. > It’s okay to be dumb.


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