The Uncomfortable


The Uncomfortable by Katerina Kamprani.

In our Introduction to Architecture lecture, we were talking about Character concept. In this concept, our lecturer: Bilge İmamoğlu mentioned the characters of objects. We talked about objects’ visuality, their forms, formal characteristics and how all of these define their own characters.

Then, he showed some examples from Katerina Kamprani‘s project The Uncomfortable. 

A small note which is stuck in my mind from our lecture: If we talk about the pot example, there is a simple twist on it; putting the mouth another position. In that way, there is no way of thinking that it is a pot. Now, it is an art work and its own character.

The Uncomfortable started as a twisted sadistic design project. It messed up it’s creator’s head (and the heads of people she knows). It exists in sketches and 3d visualizations and has no meaningful purpose. It’s a parasite in the world of materialism and design.

The first time I saw them, I found them strange as everyone because, there is something unusual and wrong with those objects but the truth is that they are all made for some reason. They are produced to be wrong and to express a meaning.

Here is Katerina Kamprani’s purpose on producing those objects:

KK decided to create and design for all the wrong reasons. Vindictive and nasty? Or a helpful study of everyday objects?

The goal is to re- design useful objects making them uncomfortable but usable and maintain the semiotics of the original item.



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