Drawing with Reference Lines


↑ Click to enlarge image and to see details.

Surely, it was the most tough drawing project so far. We were expected to draw an 3 view of a tin opener and we decided on which sides to choose as top or rear views. The important thing was to pay attention to reference lines and actually using those reference lines to shape another draw. Creating an another view became much more easy by following reference lines. Also, we used circular lines to show circularity of some parts.

The another important and hard point for me was to perceive how to pass the other view and how to draw it. I will try to explain it. We need to look from the side where we draw the view, and we have to draw the all view the same as we see. The parts which standing on the front should stay again on the front (top) of our drawing.

We had got only one tin opener and so we could not able to keep it even for a while. There was so much demand as you can guess and it was another trouble.


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