Regulating Lines

Here I am with a new topic by Le CorbusierRegulating Lines. Le Corbusier states, on his book “Toward an Architecture” that regulating lines are used as a tool to create the order which everyone is looking for on any architectural creation because, regulating lines help us to perceive the main geometry of structuresFGHFF and structural elements easier. At the first glance, we can specify the basic shapes of structures. Also, how architects use those regulating lines is a kind of design idea. You know, the eyes always look for some measurement and sense of order. This is how we feel comfortable. In order to create the order, we need to have some mathematical calculations, geometrical shapes or certain measurements. With the scale, the all elements can be organized in harmony and we can able to catch integrity.

journal.eahnThis “regulating lines” idea was always on the minds from the very very beginning but one thing was different: modernity. So, primitive man created a living area to himself by using his foot or his arm or his pace  as measure in old times.

Furthermore, there is different opinions on the use of regulating lines. The most interesting one is the thought that people who use regulating lines are lazy. I think it is more about practicality not laziness. On the contrary, regulating lines buy us extra time, beside the precision and stability they give.

Meanwhile, Le Corbusier indicates his dissatisfaction on contemporary architecture world of those days. Actually, looks like he complains of no one declares his/her ideas or works on this issue. That’s why he cites his own productions as examples on the book.

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