A New Step in Model Making

FotorCreated4How Copy, Move & Rotate turned into Blood, Sweat & Tears?..

I am just kidding… Not that much… 🙂 But, seems like I am sliding into darkness while working on these model making assignments. Where is modelling, there is confusion…

It will just take me some time to get used to it…

This time, we were supposed to apply copy, move & rotate operations to the planes, units and focus on variation concept.

↑ I produced it for the first discussion. It contains a lot L-shaped units. My aim was combining all units with copy, move & rotate operations. There was no limitation on number of planes so I created thickness for a change but thickness was not a criteria at this stage.


I know the photo of my model is not seem clear exactly. But, this photograph is all that’s left of the model :(.

I produced it at lecture. The first thing I focused on was variations of relations. I chose 2 plane as an unit. I produced variations between the units by applying copy, move & rotate operations to the planes of units. So, those 4 units which is placed at sides are variations of each other’s. Also, those units connected to the combined 2 unit, which is at the center, from different sides, directions and with different angles. These create variation as well.

I decided on using 3 plane in my units. Then, I changed my planes’ sizes to 5×3 from 4×4 after I realized that I end up with point to point relations or closed areas at all trials. Actually, I could not able to apply copy, move & rotate operations at this stage because I chose the way of creating an unit according to the situation. Mostly, I focused on alignments, ouputs and looks like I became distant the idea of copying, moving & rotating. So my model seems more of planes’ copy, move & rotate than units’ copy, move & rotate. But, it still strongly includes variations.

↑ For this step, I worked with the diagram of my previous model. Actually, I created a diagram which can be used in two last models. The diagram was referring to variation, continuity and copy move rotate operations. Variation is created with change on the planes’ sizes. We were allowed to change the size of only one plane on our units and also we have had a chance to change that plane’s location. I produced my units while combining them because I arranged the sizes of units according to the model’s situation, because I did not want to break alignment. I intersected my all units adhering to the previos one’s relations. Of course some new relations and potentials occured but it was okay. My all units have got at least two physical relations so it creates continuity between the units. There is no any unit which has only one physical relation. Hierarcy and repetition between the planes came to light by themselves, it was not my design decision at the beginning.


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