Mass & Surface

The reading assignment of this week was Three Remainders To Architects from the book Toward An Architecture by Le Corbusier. I read two parts called Mass and Surface.

About the Mass in Architecture, Le Corbusier states that engineers use geometrical forms like cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders or pyramids, thanks to the use of mathematical calculations they are all clear and legible. Thus, he says,  we all already have common and precise idea on how their forms seem in light. He also criticizes the architects of that period on their produces, on that they have never  got the idea of primary masses. According to him, engineers are able to create an architectural formation with the use of primary geometrical forms and applying their own methods.

Another point in the text is Surface in architecture. Le Corbusier expresses his ideas on Surface topic like that: the surface should be functional, magnificant and remarkable. He points out the elements such as doors, walls, windows, which create a surface, are also in geometrical forms. This support his idea on primary forms should enter into processes of producing.

By the look of things, Le Corbusier love the way of engineers’ work, he finds their working methods with primary forms and mathematical calculations reasonable.


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