I made two different kinds of collage. One of them was hard-copy collage (Collage-I) which is contain both text and image and the other one was digital collage (Collage-II) which contains only the image. The main logic of these collages is creating a production with the use of different components but the final collage must be completely differ from the starting components (A+B=C). My other purpose was to prevent rupture between the lines while combining the components.

I chose an image which has got some lines which I can use them as reference lines.



The Collage-I was hand-made collage. For the Collage-I, I found texts which are in different fonts or font sizes. I decomposed the image and the texts by stripping them vertically. The thickness of my strips were not the same, because I wanted to create variety. I combined the image and the text according to their lines’ starts and ends, I used that lines as reference lines.



In order to  make Collage-II, I used Photoshop program. Firstly, I divided the image into planes to recompose them again in an ordering principle, in an abstract and certain manner. I also used overlapping and transparency to create depth or emphasize some parts. The other thing I focused on was the continuity of the lines, I tried to align all lines with the other lines.


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