Abstract over Abstract

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This post is about [abstract]abstract assignment. Its main aim was practicing the methods of abstraction, analysing spatial relations and geometric properties. For this assignment, also there were key-words which will guide us while producing. Keywords: abstraction, proportion, visual perception, spatial analysis, layers, geometric properties, hierarchy, overlap, layers.

Here is my all [abstract]abstract assignment models’ final states above and I will explain all in details below.

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You can see my 01.1 assignment: [abstract]abstract models above. On this assignment we were asked to select a photo from Pinterest through using given key-words. The next stage was to analyse and abstract the spatial relations and produce a 3D construct by considering about propositional relations in the image. Firstly, I tried to understand spatial relations mean, but I could not understand clearly and find any satisfactory answer. It took my hours to decide on an image because, I was not sure about anything and I did not know what kind of image could be useful.

My first model was look like more of a figurative model, I learned it later. After the lecture, our instructors wanted us to work on that image again and to revise it.

The second was the one I produced at the studio and this time, I showed the little triangle which is located at the left side.

The third one is produced according to a new information. Our image was on the size of A4 and there were white borders. Our instructors asked us that why we did not see that white borders while abstracting. So, the third one is shaped in this manner.

The fourth model came to existence of a variety of ideas. I used tracing paper to draw relations on and then I tried to modelling it but, I failed because, I got the same grade for the first and the fourth one.

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You can see my 01.2 assignment: [abstract]abstract models above. We were asked to select one image from the image bank provided and execute the same steps in Assignment 01.1 to produce a 3D construct.

I chose this image because the relations are much more understandable comparing to others. At the first model I tried to show the perspective by putting those triangles on that way but it was wrong. Our instructors wanted us to work with tracing paper, I draw the relations on the paper then tried to do same drawing by using only vertical and horizontal lines. Every plane was needed to intersect each other with the 90 degree angle. So, I made the second one.

I came with an idea that I am supposed to put each plane such a way that it seems like sketch somehow. That is what I tried to did but I could not on the third model. I am confused about this topic.

By the way, I regret that I tried to revise the second one. I guess it was more proper than the third one for this assignment.

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Here is 01.3 assignment: [abstract]abstract above. We were asked to take photographs of the two produced models and print the photographs on acetate sheet then superimpose them. Positions of the images and the rotation angle were also design decisions.

The way that I superimposed two photos was improper firstly because I created overlapping and lost references of some planes. Afterwards, I rotated the pictures and found a proper angle which I can see all details of both photos. I analyzed the type of relations on the superimposed image and tried to denote main relationships on my model. I figured the dark part at the left with a triangle because the other planes was rectilinear and triangle made that part important.

I still do not have fixed idea about how to abstract the images. I am suspicious of everything I do. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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