Architecture & Music in Common

FotorCreatedI was able to find similar points to associate music and architecture after read ‘Pure Creation of The Mind’ text from ‘Towards a New Architecture’ book by Le Corbusier, watched Leonard Bernstein: Young People’s Concerts | What Does Music Mean video and discussed the ideas at lecture. Now, I will analyze both of them in common.

Le Corbusier refers every architect use same elements but not every mind is think in the same way. How the way architects put elements together, compose them and create relations between them is changeable from a mind to another. So, products always be different than others.

Similarly, video shows that same notes have got different sounds on different instruments. Then, where to use which instruments, voices, sounds, usage and unity of the notes, the harmony which is obtained with those elements are all decision of composer.

According to Leonard Bernstein, music is written to give emotions for musical reasons. It becomes emotional just with all its musical meaning.

And here is the same topic from the text: “From what is emotion born? From a certain relationship between definite elements … From a certain harmony … From a unity of idea …”

Again, Leonard Bernstein mentions composers make music by using some certain notes and sounds. Composers put all those together according to the ideas which s/he has got on his/her mind. Meanwhile the rhythm is get involved in music and the music comes to a state of emotion.

The text says that architects already have ideas on their mind and they create in the direction of in what way they feel good. In the same way, composers begin his/her composition by putting notes and sound which are make him/her excited while they are together.

Photo References:

Hear What is Jazz?: Leonard Bernstein’s Introduction to the Great American Art Form (1956)

Why people Love and Hate Le Corbusier


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