On ‘Posterize’ assingment, our instructors gave us two image to choose one. We were able to select the chosen image’s any 20×20 area we want to work on it. I chose this clear part because I did not want to make a complicated poster. Then, in order to create an organization I rotated it in that way and created a triangle at the top right-hand corner and draw a parallelism on the top of the poster.

We were allowed to use only one color on our posters, so I decided on yellow, because I think architects find yellow and grey together beautiful and remarkable. About the text design, I applied the alignment features that we learned at studio and tried to create a plane with my text.

On ‘Text > Poster’ assignment, it was an ARCH111 and ARCH121 common assignment. We were asked to read ‘pure creation of the mind’ text, find an alternative title and select key-words that we will use them to create poster. We were allowed to almost do anything to our posters. The only limitation was the 27×27 size. I split key-words into 4 group and gave them different colours and sizes according to their importance. The title was the most important one so, its position is center and its color is different than the other words. Also, I used reference lines to align the each word in apple -pie order.

We were allowed to use an image as a background as long as it is abstract or not much more interesting than the text. I found an image which I can adapt to my composition and I put. I did not want to use many different colors and confuse minds, for this reason I chose 4 color which can match both other colors and the background.


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