Abstracting the Photograph

On ARCH111 course, we were asked to abstract the given photograph by enlarging it to given dimensions and depict depth, light and textural properties of the image only by drawing parallel horizontal, vertical or angular lines.

I thought that I can give all details which are asked by using vertical lines, because if I chose horizontal lines to draw, it would be hard to show relations, transitions by following drawing line properties, rules.

After extending the image to requested dimensions, the first thing I did was creating reference lines and to project the image on to the paper. Then, I thought on where to use which pencil type by testing all on tracing paper and I began drawing lines from top-left to not to make dirty the paper and moved towards the bottom-right of the paper. Also, I put a clean paper under my hand while working on. Nevertheless, I could not prevent its dirtiness. 🙂

It was a little bit hard to arrange the millimetric blank spaces between two lines and also I spent a lot time on arranging the deepness.


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