Hi there,

Changing the world or making it a better place to live have been my childhood dream just like everyone else. In a sort of way, I have wanted to be a part of this change and architecture is good choice to make this dream real.

I am the one who can feel infinite, even i see the lights on my favorite building. That’s why I strongly believe that architects can give people butterflies, make them dizzy, make them feel infinite by filling the spaces with breathtaking ideas or creating nice places to live or restoring… So, it is always good to make people see nice structures around them, touch their life, give them memories inside that structures. 

Also, it is about giving the world something immortal, something make you and your name unforgettable.

About TEDUARCH Studios Handbook, I appreciate everyone who makes an effort to create this enjoyful book. It was really entertaining and realistic with all its comics. Actually, I can clearly say that this book has calmed me down because I was a little nervous about all this architectural education.

There are lots of lessons to be learn in this architectural education, it is going to be a challenge but i will do my best, I will make everything memorable and “ ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ quote “ real.

Come on then!


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